Excited, exhilarated, jumpy, name it, to have on WoodChronicles on qchi’s list is an awesome feeling. Please take note this a long read, so do yourself a world of good and get a blow of popcorn, here we go:

WoodChronicles is an interior woodwork service specialist, creativity is intense, what they do with wood is incredible, passionate with their work in the city of Lagos and the country as a whole, they will go the extra mile in leading the industry in producing state-of-the-art woodwork services.

They offer comprehensive woodwork services for homes and corporate organizations, construction firms and they help clients plan and execute an exclusive service of choice like Kitchen cabinets, sofas, wardrobes, wooden flooring, these they offer and many more.

News has it that the Woodworking Academy is up coming in the middle of the year and details will be communicated in due time.

I’ve known the owner for a year and four weeks *Ihopehisnotreadingthis*, incredibly humble young man.


m: 08092403370 08137627705
bb: 214D021D.
e: segun.woodchronicles@hotmail.com
l: Lagos

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Am excited to bring to you iTOOknow its an information technology based service company from ibidTECHNOLOGIES, their primary purpose is to help individuals and organisations increase their productivity through the use of their technology gadgets by providing their clients with relevant and up-to-date information in their area of interest.

iTOOknow is interpreted “I also know” and not “I know so much”, stress is on the second syllable *ididntsaythat*

They provide information technology consultancy, which covers areas in; Hardware, Software, Webware and Mobiware also they provide information technology training on the following; Hardware maintenance, Software maintenance, Webware and Mobiware deployment.

Lastly they provide access to learning resources, including but not limited to – electronic copies of books, magazines, video tutorials, podcasts, and much more.

*whew* we are almost done, well that’s the thing with ‘itooknow’ they know how to talk plenty things *whew*…I’ve known the owner for like 10yrs if not less *amIgettingoldorsomething* very insightful young man…*okamdone*

So for more details:
m: 08027161433
bb: 2A403955
t: @itooknowcom
fb: iTOOknow
bl: http://www.itooknow.com

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CeCe Couture and Accessories

Please welcome with me CECE Couture and Accessories, it was established in 2011 with a drive for excellence and innovative ways to keep improving the fashion industry in Nigeria. They’ve featured in fashion shows; Dakar Fashion Week 2011 and Fusion Lifestyle Abuja 2012.
They make various types of African attires exclusively finished apparels, measured, cut and sewn to precision, ranging from dresses, male and female suits, kaftans, tunics etc. Whatever your fashion need is they come in affordable prices.

I’ve known the owner all my life *wellnotreally*, I was in awe when she showed me some of her designs with our local fabrics. Do yourself some good and get one cause qchi said so *placingmyorder*.

So for more details:
m: +234 80 6031 0516
e: cececouture@yahoo.com
bl: mzcececouture.wordpress.com
l: Nigeria

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La Tendenza

    One thing I love about this company is the name ‘La tendenza’ sounds like a dish with various layers *callingToluforthemeaning*. What La tendenza is all about, its a fashion and image advisory, trend management et al. They are committed to powering your style by providing insightful articles, practical tips, fashion finds (mainly trending accessories, high street and designer bags) which they sell at the most amazing price. I’ve known the owner *checkingdiary* its been ages if not decades, amazing we got back some few months back *handsoverface*. You really need to see what they can do.

    So for more details:
    t: 081 2 0170 2965
    w: latendenza.wordpress.com
    e: latendenza@airtelng.blackberry.com
    l: Lagos-Nigeria

    Sample products:



    Primark Mustard

    Primark Mustard

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Awesome Bezalel Events

Hall Deco

Hall Deco

Am really excited to have Awesome Bezalel Event on my list yipeeeee *drumroll*. It is an event company that specialize in event deco, small chops and cocktail drinks. They also have an academy where they train on all they do. News has it that their training comes up in march.

I’ve known the owner for about 2yrs, 6months, 5days and 22mins still counting, they make your event awesomely different and you can’t miss. Ok that’s all I can say for now 😀 *wink*

So for more details:
m: 08098905640
bb: 2790B134
Location: 86, shipeolu street, palmgrove, Lagos-Nigeria

Cocktails and Small Chops

Cocktails and Small Chops

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self evaluation

…am so sorry if my presence intimidates you but for the record I have a God whose presence intimidates the devil #checkurself#



You shall know the truth and the truth made you mad…#pause#…therefore you are too mad to handle the truth. Watch your actions when you are mad its either directly or inversely proportional to the truth.

Deep and insightful


There were a million reasons why I loved her, but I couldn’t say one, just one. They say true love has no reasons, and the love that we had, it was like no other. My friend Minnie, she used to say from the bottom of her heart, “I like the way you love her.”

But that’s another chapter. History made, history forgotten. There were a million reasons why she loved me, and between our two million reasons, we couldn’t find one to make it work.

And it’s the same with you, is it not? You have tall dreams too, and pretty plans for the future, and fights, and make-ups, and poetry, and you make disney valentines too, and endless phone calls, and have miss-you-nights, just like we did, don’t you?

I remember the gradual introductions; first, we met the friends, then we spoke to some of the family over the…

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